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Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in January

Psalm 106:1 "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever."

It's been exactly a year (tomorrow) since my last blog post.

I would feel overwhelmed with guilt, except that when I say "I've been really busy," it's not an exaggeration. These last 365 days have been amazing and wonderful and awful and crazy and blissful and... well, a little bit of every extreme emotion you'd expect to come on the heels of planning a wedding, buying a house, getting married, honeymooning, moving into said house, and gradually falling into the routine chaos of married life.

All in all, 2010 was BY FAR the best year of my life!

On the momentous event of my blog revival, I thought I would begin with a healthy discipline: making a list of things I'm thankful for. Sure, it's January, not November, but still... Thanksgiving is a state of mind, not just a holiday. (You may quote me.) Aphorisms aside, it does a body good to remember the blessings you've been given.

So, without further ado, here are 5 big reasons my life doesn't suck.
  1. My husband - This may seem like an obvious one, but our marriage was a loooong time coming. We dated over four years by the time of our wedding, so the fact that I can now call my best friend my "husband" instead of my "boyfriend"... Yeah, I'm pretty thankful for that. He's definitely my better half, my confidante, my partner in crime, and my favorite person on the face of the earth. (No offense to the rest of you, but he's my soul mate so... sorry, you just can't compete with that.)
  2. Family - My inlaws have treated me like one of their own almost from the beginning. And now that we're finally joined in holy wedlock, my family has decided to stop trying to get me to break up with Doug and has actually accepted the fact that we're a permanent item. Score! Better late than never, eh?
  3. Friends - I consider myself pretty darn lucky to still maintain close friendships with my best friends from high school. Over this past New Year's, a group of five of us went downtown to Chicago, toured the Trump Tower (courtesy of one friend's security guard pseudo-brother-in-law... yeah, it's confusing), gorged ourselves on the luscious fare of the Cheesecake Factory, and saw an awesome stage adaptation of Peter Pan... complete with Led Zeppelin music. I'm not even kidding.  
  4. Jobs - Both my husband and I are gainfully employed, which is pretty awesome in this economy. Beyond that, by and large, we both enjoy what we do and who we work with. And that sweet feeling of a paycheck every second Friday never gets old.
  5. Cats - I have two cats at home who make me feel loved and who make my house feel a little more like a home. You will likely be hearing more about them later, but for now, here's a quick character sketch of my furry, feline companions. Byron is the all-black, vocal, quick-footed, kisses-bestowing, neurotic cat after my own heart. His younger (adopted) brother Blake is the ash grey, quiet, heat-obsessed, lanky little cuddler. And in case you were wondering, yes, they were both named after the poets of the same names, Lord Byron and William Blake.
Now that we've got the "serious" blessings taken care of, here are some other sundry things I'm thankful for.
  • American Pickers on the History Channel. I'm watching it right now, in fact.
  • Diet Pepsi. My favorite drink of choice. I may or may not be obsessed with it. You be the judge. I own a Pepsi baseball cat, multiple t-shirts, a suitcase, and (here's the kicker) a two-foot square Pepsi clock, which hangs prominently on my kitchen wall.
  • Automatic car starters. I got one for Christmas, and wow, I had no idea how much I needed one! If you're ever short on a gift idea for someone who hates winter (such as myself), there's nothing better.
  • Microwave popcorn. Need I say more?
  • Music. There's nothing like the feeling of a good tune floating through your mind.
  • Beards. I know not every guy can grow one, but for those who can, don't waste it by shaving every day. They look so nice!
  • Contact lenses. Without these babies over my corneas, I'd be sporting some thick old Coke bottle eyegear. Not so attractive.
  • Libraries. I don't use mine nearly enough, but I am SO grateful for public institutions dedicating to preserving and sharing the beauty of the written word!

That's all for now. What are you thankful for?


  1. I didn't know you had a blog. Welcome! (Even though I suppose yours predates mine. Oh well.)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jon! :) My old blog was never all that consistent, so I'm going to try and remedy that with a reboot.