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Monday, May 16, 2011

School's Out for Summer! (plus softball, pies, and Jesus on taxes)

So, weekly recap. It's now Monday (again... BLEH), but this past week has been pretty full, in a good/normal way.

The big news: My hubby passed his final exam and got a B overall in the class! This means:
1. We get reimbursed for tuition. Woot!
2. He gets to take the state test and be officially certified for his job.
3. We get Monday and Wednesday evenings (and weekends) back, which had previously been devoured by class time and endless studying. Yay!

School's out for summer, baby! FOREVER, actually, since I don't think he needs to take any more classes for work. [enormous sigh of relief] What will we do with all our newfound free time? Details below!

Somewhere around Wednesday I realized I haven't had a vacation since my honeymoon last July! Part of that was due to the aforementioned class, but seriously, it's time to get out of town. Plans are in the works.

Thursday night, we arrived at the softball diamond in lovely 90 degree weather (seriously, I LOVE the heat! Outside, not on the basketball court. Go Bulls!). Several hours later, we had won our third straight church softball game, which puts us at 3 wins, 0 losses. And even though the first win was a forfeit by the other team, we'll take it. My cousin is on the team this year. He's been begging to play for about the last 3-4 seasons, so my husband (aka Coach) thought he was finally old/big enough to compete with the rest of the guys. Turns out, the timing was perfect. We've been short on players thus far, and he's been a huge help. He's a natural third baseman. Quick hands, strong arm, solid presence on the field. I'm pretty proud of the kid.

Saturday was a cleaning day. Tis spring, after all. I vacuumed the whole house, did laundry, organized the spare room, went to Menard's (second time in two days) w/hubby to take advantage of their made in USA sale, and still squeezed in time to make a cherry pie w/homemade crust and a chocolate pudding/cool whip pie before dinner with the fam. Score.

Related to those pies, now that summer is almost upon us, I'm hoping to combat a recent trend: me getting fat. If you haven't noticed, thank you for being unobservant. If you have noticed and just haven't said anything like "Dude, you're lookin' a little chunky there in the gut," thank you for your lack of candor. I'm going to try a lack-of-weight-gain strategy this week that I like to call "an apple a day keeps the pant-shrinking fairy away." Updates to come, if they're not horribly depressing.

Sunday's sermon was on Jesus' take on paying taxes. Cliff notes version: He wants you to pay them. I was reminded of an uncle of mine who refused to pay his income taxes for like 20 years. (He claimed it was unconstitutional.) Uncle Sam eventually nailed him with back taxes and fees to the tune of probably twice what he would have paid originally. Moral of the story? Jesus is smart. Thou shalt pay thy taxes. Whether to Caesar or Uncle Sam.

That's all, folks!

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