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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ramble On

Ok, I've been pretty negligent on posting lately, so I figure I'm due for a catch-up, catch-all post. I'll probably "ramble on" a bit. *coughLedZeppelinisawesomecough*

As you may recall, things at work were insanely busy several weeks ago. Then they calmed down, and then I got lazy and didn't want to do anything but spend 5 hours watching Freaks and Geeks DVDs all Sunday afternoon... while drinking diet Pepsi, natch.

This week has been more even-keeled. Work has settled down, except for the training in preparation for Windows 7 conversion over the weekend. (Whoo!) We will soon have voicemail sent to our e-mail and (get this) translated into text! So we get to read or listen to our voicemail AND (the best part, in my opinion) automatically have an archived copy of each one! It really makes me wish I had this on my cell phone. I actually used to record my voicemails on an audio recorder, then save the files to my computer, just so I would have a record of them. Yes, I'm that OCD.

Anyway, other than work, I've gotten back into crocheting lately. I was gonna upload you a picture of my latest work-in-progress: a baby blanket for a friend of mine whose son is due to begin controlling their lives in like two weeks. But... once again laziness has overtaken my mind and body, so sorry, no picture for you. Maybe I'll take one when I finish it, before handing it over to a saliva-soaked fate with my friend's infant. Cuz you know babies love shoving yarn into their toothless gobs.

In other news, tomorrow is my grandpa's 80th birthday party. He actually turned 80 on Monday, but everyone was busy and really who wants to have a birthday party on a Monday night? No one, that's who. He's in pretty rockin' shape for a guy eight decades young. Today he and my grandma came over to help us set up a bed frame. It was a complete disaster (the mattress was two inches too wide and three inches too long for the frame), but there was my grandpa, drill in hand, screwing and unscrewing pieces of wood, trying to make it fit for his granddaughter. Yeah, he loves me a lot. And it shows more in his construction skills than anywhere else. I have at least five pieces of furniture he's made for me. My grandpa the awesome amateur carpenter. I'm just a wee bit proud of him.

So, that's it. Nothing monumental to report. No deep thoughts to ponder.

Ok, that's not entirely true. I did read this interesting article on Rob Bell and his orthodox-unfriendly new book, Love Wins. But I haven't done enough research to comment on that intelligently, so maybe a future post will be in order later.

Hey, good news: tomorrow's FRIDAY!! How was your week?


  1. Apologies if you already saw the tweet, but I came across this very long review of Bell's new book, if you're interested:

  2. I did NOT see that, so thanks for putting the link here! :) Ironically, at work right now I'm proofing a reprint of a book by A. Wetherell Johnson, the founder of Bible Study Fellowship. She explains how she gave up her belief in a temporary hell after her Bible professor pointed out that in Matt. 25:46 the same Greek word is used for both eternal life in heaven and eternal punishment in hell. "This was enough for me," she writes. "Immediately I accepted his argument." I'm tempted to send Mr. Bell a copy of this book with that page flagged.