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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life update on the past month(ish), plus a random Halloween photo

(Photo of me and hubby at Halloween last year. There's no reason for including this photo in this post except that it's MY blog, and I want to, dang it!)

Ok, guys, I'm really, really behind on keeping you updated on my life. Here's what's been going on....

I've been watching a lot of TV. That might not sound like much, but when you've been stressed out at work, you don't really want to come home and read Edgar Allen Poe or clean the attic. So, TV to the rescue. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy.... My favorites of late include Man V. Food on the Travel Network, Biggest Loser on NBC, Pawn Stars and American Pickers on the History Channel, and lots of ESPN and the Weather Channel... Those last two are when hubby steals the remote, but yeah. Some people say "stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts." I like to say that "stressed" spelled sideways equals "me sprawled on the couch ingesting hours of soothing cable TV." Nothing detoxes quite like a remote in one hand and a diet Pepsi in the other.

I also helped a friend move, finished crocheting an adorable baby-sized afghan, and got my and hubby's taxes done! Well, we paid someone (Thanks, Winnie at H&R Block!) to take care of that last part, but still. I considered it an accomplishment.

Also, last week hubby and I celebrated the five-year anniversary of our very first date!! It was actually our "define the relationship" talk, in which I decided I would "give it a go and see what happens." After all, I figured, what have I got to lose? Hands down, BEST RISK I EVER TOOK. Definitely worth celebrating. :) That should deserve a post on its own, but most of it would be too personal and despite being a blogger, I'm really a very private person. (Stop laughing.)

Other than that, the past few weeks I've been working a lot. No, really. Editorialites (such as myself) do our work about 9 months ahead of a book's release. Kinda like pregnant women, come to think of it.... Anyway, since we have lots of new books releasing every fall, that means every spring is our "busy season." Ironic that tax accountants and editors have the same busy season, but tis true. Thus, I've been a busy little bee at the office (and sometimes at home, too) trying to perfect Fall 2011's coming literary attractions.

My friends have been busy lately too. I just found out today that another friend (second one this year) got engaged! And two other friends just had their babies last weekend. Wow, apparently everyone is gettin' hitched and birthin' offspring. Spring is in the air, indeed. I suddenly feel left out since I was planning my wedding last year and have not yet strapped on the baby belly.

Related to that (spring, not the baby belly), baseball season in officially upon us. Which means I have to set aside at least a quart of blood/sweat/tears every week for the Chicago Cubs and whatever hapless mischief they can muster. But who knows, this could be the year they go all the way! World Series, here we come! </endwishfulthinking>

That's been my life recently. Here's hoping the next post will be more substantial (and not three weeks in the making).

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