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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap

Matthew 28:5-6 
"The angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.'"

Easter has come and gone, and while I meant to post something meaningful and reflective, it just didn't happen. I take comfort in knowing that my Lord reads all my blog posts... even the ones I don't post, except in the quiet of my heart.

I'm reminded now of this song by the favorite band of my preteen years, and still a solid fav today, Jars of Clay: "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet." Below is the best video version I could find online.

So, even though I'm a few days late, HAPPY EASTER! He is Risen!!!! :)

We began the day with church, followed by a drive an hour west to his family's house, where we tried not to eat too much since we knew there'd be a second feast later on at my family's dinner. Oh the joys of double holidays! (and double heartburn!)

Seeing as how this is our first Easter as a married couple, this was the first year Doug was invited to my family's Easter dinner. So he got to witness the kids' (and I use that term loosely, referring to my two cousins who are both decidedly over 10 years of age) outdoor Easter egg hunt, watch us discover our hidden baskets of chocolate goodies (don't feel bad for him; he got his basket at home that morning), and enjoy my grandma's legendary cooking. We finished up shagging fly softballs in the backyard. An awesome fam day indeed.

Also on my mind lately... I just realized that we are mere days away from May. Days! As in, less than a week! As in, by this Sunday, it will no longer be April. How did this happen? Aw, who cares. Bottom line: summer's comin. Man, took it long enough. Chicago winters are notoriously cold and long and windy and did I mention COLD? Warm weather has been a really long time coming, and I am so ready to kiss my poofy winter coat good-bye. At least until October(ish).

In other news, last night I went back to school. No, I'm not pursuing my master's degree or even taking a park district course for fun. (Although I am considering doing that this summer. So far cooking or art are in the running.) But no, last night I went with my hubby to his pharmacology class, which is required for his job. So there I sat, among the pharmacy tech students, attempting to absorb information such as:
1. If you repackage tablets of Ambien into blister packs and the original stock expires in December 2012, how long are the repackages good?
2. If the doctor orders 30 mL of Quinine qid for 7 days at 20% concentration, and the stock is a 75% concentration, how much saline solution will you need to dilute the stock and fill this prescription?
3. If my IQ lowers 5 points for every algebra problem I fail to complete, how lucky am I that I'm not the one taking this class?

So, yeah.... Aside from feeling unusually stupid whilst listening to the nice professor talk about drugs and such for 3 hours, it was great fun. Actually, I'm not gonna lie. I really did enjoy the class. And the prof had that perfect mix of strong teaching, real-life examples, and dry sense of humor. His name, fittingly, was Dr. Whit.

That's been my last few days. In case you skipped to the end of this post, here's a summary.
  • Happy Easter!
  • It's almost summer!
  • I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore!

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