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Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Say Never

Little Fievel Mousekewitz was right! Never say never.

I just got word that my friend's sister (the one who swore she would never ever get married. EVER.) just got married. Today. At the courthouse. They're planning a shindig for next summer, which should give me enough time to begin getting over the shock.

She and her boyfriend were already living together for several years, so (forgive me for being old-fashioned and fundamental about this, but) marriage was basically a formality at this point. But still! The fact that they went ahead and sealed the deal, complete with heirloom rings, made me happy... perhaps for no other reason than that it gave me hope for the things that seem impossible.

So why did they suddenly decide to get married? What was the motive for such a complete reversal? Not love, not religion, not family pressure, not anything internal at all. No, they decided to tie the knot because of... health insurance. As unromantic as that sounds, it reminds me that we need to give God a little credit for creativity. Even when we make decisions for what we believe are our own reasons. Even when we do the right thing at the wrong time. Whether it makes sense or not. Mysterious ways, indeed.

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